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Conveyor Systems

Corner Module Assembly System


  • This loop conveyor assembles automotive car knuckle assemblies
    • Station 1: Operator unloads the finished assemblies and installs them to the frame on the line then loads new knuckle bodies, rotors, and bearing hubs onto RH and LH pallets
      • Vision confirms that the knuckles were loaded properly
      • Barcode reader scans the printed out barcode associated with each knuckle
    • Station 2: Automatic rotor runout for both RH and LH knuckles
    • Station 3: Operator loads dust shield and calipers onto the knuckle assembly and hand starts the bolts
    • Station 4: Vision and lasers error-proof the correct parts were loaded onto the assemblies
    • Station 5: Dual multi-spindle assemblies lower onto the RH and LH assemblies to simultaneously torque six bolts at a time
    • Station 6: Collaborative robot applies a ring of grease to the hub bearing and uses vision to error-proof the dispensing bead
    • Station 7: Buffer for 16 completed RH and LH assemblies

Front Suspension Pallet Conveyor


  • Six Operator Stations
  • Over-under recirculating conveyor
  • Custom pallet bases and details to fixture the assemblies
  • Independently controlled automated stops to be released by a work complete button
  • Access from above to load/unload parts

Engine Cylinder Head Assembly Line


  • 63 feet long recirculating pallet conveyor with elevators on each end
  • Utilizes a total of five Fanuc robots
  • Multiple manual and automated assembly stations
  • Accommodates three different models of engine cylinder heads with the flexibility to accommodate additional future models
  • Utilizes three bowl feeders for orienting and accumulating different size springs for each model
  • Utilizes two bowl feeders for orienting and accumulating small keepers
  • Utilizes two custom cam-designed cylinder head spring exercisers for testing and quality assurance

Drive Unit and Inverter Assembly Lines

Inverter Assembly Line Features:

  • (20) Fastening Robots
  • (2) Robotic Inspection Stations
  • (4) Robotic Soldering Stations w/ AOI Inspection
  • (1) Material Handling Gantry
  • (2) End of Line Testing Material Handling Robots
  • (2) Rejection Spurs
  • (42) Automatic and Manual Work Stations
  • Each conveyor is individually motorized and contains RFID readers and lift & locate systems for pallet positioning
  • Each Pallet contains RFID tags and bushings for accurate locating
  • ESD rated conveyor, pallets, and process

Drive Unit Assembly Line Features:

  • 115 Total Stations
    • 3 Robots
    • 2 Assists
  • 101 Total Conveyor Stations
    • Each conveyor is individually motorized and contains RFID readers
    • Lift & Locate systems for pallet positioning in auto stations
    • Each pallet contains RFID tags and bushings for accurate locating
    • 50% of buffer stations are populated with pallets for optimal buffering
  • Station Quantities:
    • M01 Gear Assembly: 14 Stations & 1 Assist
    • M02 Gear Assembly Line: 12 Stations & 1 Assist
    • Shield Assembly: 34 Stations
    • Shield Marriage: 3 Stations & 1 Robot
    • Assembly Conveyor: 29 Stations
    • End of Line Cell: 20 Stations & 2 Robots