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Lift Systems

sleeper framer lift

EV Battery Marriage and Auto Secure

aircraft engine lift


Consists of:

  • Lift support structure
  • Inner lift frame
  • Pneumatically actuated locating fixturing
  • Pneumatic clamping system
  • Electric hoist
  • Safety and operation controls


  • Front Floor Support Arms are pneumatically actuated into and out of build position in order to make room for the Floor to roll through the Framer on the dolly
  • Fixture Locating Arms extend from inside the Sleeper as opposed from the outside, this allows for better access loading the Sub-Assemblies from the periphery of the fixture


  • rpGatta's custom designed electric vehicle battery installation system is capable of semi-automatically lifting and fastening the heaviest modern batteries:
  • System automatically conveys battery on a pallet into in lifting fixture and centers the battery
  • An operator places bolts into the electric torque tools
  • The heavy duty electric motor driven lift raises the battery to the under side of the vehicle and locates the battery and fasteners automatically
  • Torque specifications are verified and sent to quality database on plant network
  • Our decades of automated fastening experience yields robust and highly reliable fastening systems
  • PLC Controls, HMI, and Safety Programmable Laser Scanners ensure maximum safety and equipment uptime


  • rpGatta designed and built a horizontal lift assembly workstation for inspection and maintenance on the General Electric/Rolls-Royce F136 JSF Engine

horizontal stabilizer lifts

antenna testing lift


  • rpGatta designed and built (8) portable fixtures
  • Each fixture clamps the shaft of an aircraft horizontal stabilizer
  • The operator presses buttons to lift and rotate the stabilizer to assist in the manual paint stripping and applying processes
  • These fixtures are explosion-proof and rated for a Class II Division I environment
  • The systems utilize pneumatic spring applied caliper disk brakes that disengage when the buttons are held and automatically brake when the buttons are released
  • There are pneumatic limit switches strategically positioned such that when the moving clamp mechanism contacts them the brakes will instantly engage to prevent the stabilizer from ever contacting the ground


  • rpGatta integrated a robotic lift for the testing of antennas