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Deburring Systems

Robotic Ring Gear Deburring Line


  • A driven roller conveyor feed parts into the deburring cell from multiple upstream processes
  • Automatic part detection identifies inbound parts and configures the system for automatic processing of the inbound part
  • Inbound and outbound roll-over stations allow for deburring on both sides of the part, regardless of how it is conveyed into the cell
  • Robotic deburring station utilizes two robots and automatic tool changers for on-the-fly tool changes
  • Integrated washer and blow-off system for cleaning of parts after deburring process

Universal Servo Controlled Planet and Sun Gear Deburring System


  • Universal Inner Diameter Locating and Clamping Mechanism adjusts to accommodate a large range of Inner Diameters on the Turntable without operator tool changes
  • (2) Brushes engage the top surface, on opposing sides of the gear
  • (2) Brushes engage the bottom surface, on opposing sides of the gear
  • A Force Feedback System is utilized to adjust the amount of pressure that is exerted on the Brushes as they engage the Gear
  • Servo Driven Feed Slides for each of the (4) Deburr Brushes
  • Motor current on each of the Deburr Brushes is monitored and the Servo Driven Feed Slides adjust to the desired parameters programmed in the Recipe
  • User Definable Recipe for Each Gear: ID/OD, Brush RPM, Brush Contact Pressure
  • Integrated Dust Collection Equipment