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Dispensing Systems

Robotic Sealer Apply Cell


rpGatta’s robotic sealer apply cell included the custom design and integration of:

  • Body Vehicle Lift and Locate Gantry
  • Four 6-Axis Robots with Dispensing Attachments
  • Two Floor-Mounted 7th Axis Linear Tracks with Dual-Independent Carriages
  • Dispensing Equipment
  • Control System
  • Safety Guarding

Urethane and Primer Apply Cells


rpGatta has designed and built numerous robotic urethane apply cells, which include the custom design and integration of:

  • Glass load station table capable of housing and auto-centering 3 pieces of glass at a time for up to 3 different models each.
  • 6-Axis robot with multiple vacuum cups on the end effector to be able to transport up to 3 pieces of glass at a time
    • It is capable of picking the glass, moving the glass around the urethane dispensing nozzle, and placing on an unload station table
  • As the robot manipulates the glass components around and beneath the nozzle, the 7th axis servo controlling the nozzle rotates accordingly to ensure the bead profile is consistent around the perimeter
  • The urethane dispensing stand has an automatic purging function after a set number of cycles
  • The robot places the finished glass onto the glass unload station table where it pneumatically actuates to pivot forward for operators to easily access the glass for a manual installation to the vehicle

Loctite Dispensing Robot


Grease Dispensing Robot


Grease Dispensing Manual Arm