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Marking Systems

Robotic VIN Stamping Cells


  • Robots capable of reaching both sides of the engine.
  • The end of arm tooling on the robots use a vision system to locate the engine, inspect the marked surface for defects, mark the VIN number, then read the marked VIN number to error proof the mark and pass/fail the VIN readability.
  • Systems include marking test stands inside the safety fence with accessibility from the outside using a request to enter button.

Robotic Tube Milling and Marking System

Consists of:

  • High temperature marking unit tube flat marking surface machining unit
  • Tube broken end measurement system
  • Robotic positioning system
  • Tube lift and rotate system
  • 2-D bar code inspection unit
  • Tube straightness inspection system
  • Water cooling system
  • Safety protection
  • Controls system


  • Automatic tool changer controlled by 3 drawbar sensors and double acting pneumatic actuator
  • Pneumatically actuated clamp to hold tube securely during machining and marking operations
  • Utilizing the Robot's servo motor encoders for displacement feedback, a 3D model of the data is created
  • Custom software to analyze the 3D model to determine how much to rotate the tube to the optimized position for the surface to be machined and marked
  • Tubes are lifted by pneumatically actuated pivot arms mechanically synchronized with a common pivot shaft

Error Proof Scriber Systems

U.S. Patent No. 7,055,426 B1

Sample Scribes (Passing and Failing):




  • Imprints a surface accurately and permanently to form a scribe of alphanumeric characters
  • Error Proofing:
    • Electronically monitors the pin engagement to the work piece during the entire scribe
    • Displays a graphic representation of the scribe results on the monitors, where any portions of the scribe that failed to engage the work piece will turn red
    • Monitors system torque to anticipate tool wear or breakage
  • System Components:
    • Scriber head
    • Standalone computer Ice Station containing a PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and standard industrial controls components
    • Windows Operating System
    • Error Proof Scriber Software
      • User friendly graphical interface
      • Graphical representation of error proof scribe results
      • Serial and Ethernet communications
      • Onboard history log
      • Data results can be sent to supervisory system for retention
  • Error proof scriber system can be customized to suit customer needs
  • Typical applications include:
    • Product and part identification
    • Vehicle frame identification number
    • Body hidden VIN

Error Proof Pin Dot Peen Marking Systems

U.S. Patent No. 6,719,468



  • Marking System Imprints a Surface Accurately and Permanently to Form a Dot Matrix of Alphanumeric Characters
  • Error Proof Marking System:
    • Detects the engagement of every marked dot by utilizing a high-speed electric continuity circuit Monitors the speed of the pins to ensure the proper impact on the marking surface for each and every dot
    • Records the engagement of every dot for data collection as the dots are being marked
    • Displays the rotation number, predetermined marking, time, and date graphically
    • Stores and prints results (if desired)
  • Each Error Proof Marking System Includes a Freestanding Control Cabinet with Monitor and Keyboard:
    • Windows Operating System
    • Pull up Window graphics for user-friendly human interface
    • Computer, monitor, keyboard, and mouse housed in a NEMA 12 Enclosure
    • Ethernet or RS-232 input capabilities for incoming identification and rotation number
    • Patented Error Proof Marking System Ensures Reliable Results
  • Typical Applications Include:
    • Product and Part Identification
    • Engine/Transmission Identification Number
    • Frame Identification Number
    • Body Hidden VIN
  • Error Proof Marking System can be Customized to Suit Customer Needs

4000i Series Fully Integrated Marking System



  • The 4000i integrates rpGatta’s Error Proof Marking System on an 6-Axis Robot Platform providing a flexible and reliable automated marking system.
  • Error proofing vision


Sample Stamp Marks (Passing and Failing):


Series 4000i Specifications:

Laser Engraving Integration