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EV Manufacturing

Drive Unit and Inverter Assembly Lines

Inverter Assembly Line Features:

  • (20) Fastening Robots
  • (2) Robotic Inspection Stations
  • (4) Robotic Soldering Stations w/ AOI Inspection
  • (1) Material Handling Gantry
  • (2) End of Line Testing Material Handling Robots
  • (2) Rejection Spurs
  • (42) Automatic and Manual Work Stations
  • Each conveyor is individually motorized and contains RFID readers and lift & locate systems for pallet positioning
  • Each Pallet contains RFID tags and bushings for accurate locating
  • ESD rated conveyor, pallets, and process

Drive Unit Assembly Line Features:

  • 115 Total Stations
    • 3 Robots
    • 2 Assists
  • 101 Total Conveyor Stations
    • Each conveyor is individually motorized and contains RFID readers
    • Lift & Locate systems for pallet positioning in auto stations
    • Each pallet contains RFID tags and bushings for accurate locating
    • 50% of buffer stations are populated with pallets for optimal buffering
  • Station Quantities:
    • M01 Gear Assembly: 14 Stations & 1 Assist
    • M02 Gear Assembly Line: 12 Stations & 1 Assist
    • Shield Assembly: 34 Stations
    • Shield Marriage: 3 Stations & 1 Robot
    • Assembly Conveyor: 29 Stations
    • End of Line Cell: 20 Stations & 2 Robots

EV Battery Marriage and Auto Secure


  • rpGatta's custom designed electric vehicle battery installation system is capable of semi-automatically lifting and fastening the heaviest modern batteries:
  • System automatically conveys battery on a pallet into in lifting fixture and centers the battery
  • An operator places bolts into the electric torque tools
  • The heavy duty electric motor driven lift raises the battery to the under side of the vehicle and locates the battery and fasteners automatically
  • Torque specifications are verified and sent to quality database on plant network
  • Our decades of automated fastening experience yields robust and highly reliable fastening systems
  • PLC Controls, HMI, and Safety Programmable Laser Scanners ensure maximum safety and equipment uptime

HEV Battery Assist


  • Overhead rail system with carriage  to track along with the vehicle
  • Assist device mounted off of a vertical torque tube manipulates the high voltage battery pack from the rack to install onto the vehicle

End of Line Test Systems

Gearbox Assembly Line Presses


  • The conveyor transfers pallets from station to station
  • Manual stations in between press stations where operators can load parts
  • Each of the (8) custom servo presses installs a different part

Pinion Press


  • Utilizes 2 FEC servo presses to press fit each pinion gear on two A-Shield motor shafts
  • Full press reaction force is contained within the equipment by attaching to the A-Shield motor shaft tapped hole with custom spindle
  • +/- 2mm of X-Y float designed into press tooling to account for pallet and part variance
  • Equipment bottoms out on top surface of motor shaft to set datum for accurate press distance data

Floating Press Tooling


  • Press tooling designed to retain intermediate and output outer races onto pilot
  • +/- 2mm of X-Y float designed into press tooling to account for pallet and part variance
  • Intermediate press tooling bottoms out on press surface and compresses to avoid interference
  • Sensors added to ensure TRB’s are fully seated on press tooling
  • Guarding added around front sensors to prevent operator interference
  • Compressive tooling piloted by an oil embedded (self-lubricating) flanged bronze bushing and hardened shaft
  • At full press the compressive tooling pilot will retract allowing tooling to not interfere when pressing the bearing into the C’Bore
  • Once the ram starts to retract a spring will force the pilot back to its starting position
  • The parts are offset so pilot will compress and bottom out on pressing ram before over compressing the spring