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Welding Systems

Robotic CNC Welding Cells


  • Siemens Controlled Servo CNC Path Plan Programming
  • Linear axis overhead gantry system
  • Two-axis positioners to manipulate the parts
  • Metrology calibration to calculate volumetric compensation

Weld Fixture Vertical Lift



  • Free standing system, placed into the existing weld line
  • Lifting Motion is timed mechanically with the single centrally located electric motor, jack shaft, and timing chain arrangement
  • Limit switches are utilized for both Over and Under Travel and Proximity switches will be utilized for all other positional sensing
  • Locking Pins extend out and serve as a back-up in case there is a failure in the system when the Jig is being held in the lifted position

Weld Inspection Lift Stations


  • Consists of air operated lifting masts set to the side of the vehicle
  • Lifting arms will cantilever underneath the pallet and lift the pallet and vehicle
  • The placement of the Lifting Masts under the rocker flange along one side of the conveyor allows for 24-27in of vertical lift
  • Pushbutton controls allow the operator to raise and lower the system