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Smart PLC Controlled Assists

Dash/Instrument Panel/

CPM Decking Assists


  • Servo-driven runway and bridge rail motions
  • Robo cylinders to electrically control the height, tilt, and insert positions and movements of the assist on the fly
  • Mechanical compliance built into the assist arm to allow for compliance in the roll and yaw axes
  • Lightweight aluminum arm frame to decrease weight while still maximizing body side clearance
  • Pneumatically actuated pin slides to adjust for multiple models
  • Over travel stop mechanism to increase safety and efficiency

Doors On/Doors Off Systems


  • Easily remove the doors from the door drop lifter and transfer to the vehicle body for installation
  • Overhead rails mounted on dual runway and dual bridge rail system for movement in 2-axes
  • Assist’s weight and size is minimized to maximize the ergonomic benefits of the assists for the technicians
  • Pneumatically actuated brake to allow operator to lock assist into position
  • Door assist handles with electric operated thumb switches to control the following operations of the assist: “Grip Door,” “Release Door,” “Common,” “Raise Door,” “Lower Door” and “Brake”

Fuel Tank Install Assists


  • Fuel tank end effector will manually pivot out from under the body carrier area when not in use
  • Air Over Oil Caliper Brake to control pivot motion
  • Practical Intelligent Assist Device (PIAD), U.S. Patent #7461753
  • Spring-loaded counter balance to support weight of fuel tank
  • Electric motor, clutch, and gearbox drive with friction drive wheel to return the decking fixture home

Front End Module Assists


  • Practical Intelligent Assist Device (PIAD), U.S. Patent #7461753
  • The Front End Module PIAD mounts overhead on ergonomic runway rail
  • Dual Runway System and Dual Bridge System
  • Servo Motor Drives coupled with Planetary Gear Boxes located on both the Bridge and Runway
  • Dual Servo Motor Drive along the Runway and a Single Servo Motor Drive along the Bridge
  • No proprietary “black box” controls
  • Utilizes standard controls that meet your plant specifications, thus your maintenance department will be very familiar with these control components
  • Enhanced positioning and travel capabilities
  • X, Y, variable speed load cell joystick control will allow team member to quickly and intuitively drive the PIAD
  • Using proven technology, the PIAD can be programmed to automatically move from point A to point B, return home, and can adjust from coarse to fine movement
  • The PIAD can also be programmed with virtual limits to prevent mutilation
  • PIAD’s are line tracking capable
  • Pneumatically actuated centering device that pulls the Upper Locating Details together and centers the FEM between the body datums

Sunroof Gap and Flush


  • The Sunroof Flush Assist automatically tracks and lowers the end effector onto vehicle
  • The operator only needs to press cycle complete button
  • Components:
    • Dual Overhead Runway Rail
    • Carriage with Tractor Drive
    • Line Tracking Arm
    • End Effector
    • Glass Flushness Measurement
    • Controls & Safety


  • Labor Reduction:  One assist to handle all models
  • Labor Reduction:  The assist will automatically track with the vehicle and return home automatically
  • Quality Improvement:  Fore/Aft programmable pressure to set the sunroof seals to minimize leaking
  • Quality Improvement:  Assist isn’t towed by cables which affects flushing – The assist tracks and automatically datums off vehicle
  • Quality Improvement:  More repeatable flushing from unit to unit
  • Quality Improvement:  (4)  IAI actuators allow the sunroof position to be dialed in from the  HMI station ±.1mm
  • Uptime Improvement:  Optional IAI actuators can be set on the fly from the HMI without taking the assist down to make adjustments
  • Maintainability Improvement:  PLC Controlled and advanced HMI features for better up time

HEV Battery Assists


  • Overhead rail system with carriage  to track along with the vehicle
  • Assist device mounted off of a vertical torque tube manipulates the high voltage battery pack from the rack to install onto the vehicle