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rpGatta is Celebrating 30 Years in Business!

rpGatta is celebrating 30 years in business! Fall has started off as an exciting and busy season for rpGatta! We are currently in the midst of finishing the second of two 323 foot long Crankshaft Machining Center Servo Gantry Loading Systems in conjunction with fourteen crankshaft loading, buffer, crossover, and unload conveyors; and multiple Quality Control Takeout Stations.

Our mechanical and controls engineers have recently finished the designs for a Laser Engraving System, Robotic Post Lathe Gauge System, Vehicle Body Conveyor Transfer System consisting of 470 feet of driven roller conveyor and two-strand side winders, and a Vehicle Body Lift and Skid Loading System. All of these will soon be built on our shop floor.

Other projects currently being designed include: a Semiautomatic Instrument Panel Install Assist, a Connecting Rod Bolt Hydraulic Tensioning and Laser Marking System, and a Truck Cab Framer that will be shipping all the way to Australia!