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rpGatta is Expanding!

Spring is here and rpGatta is breaking ground! We are expanding our 28,000 square foot building another 10,000 square feet. This addition will allow us to increase our build capacity and give us the ability to simulate even larger assembly lines.  Below is a photo of our Building Expansion Team.

We are still in full force in the Engineering Department designing many automated systems, including: a Servo Driven Tread Vacuum Transfer System which utilizes more than (400) vacuum cups! We are also finishing up the design of a Knuckle Assembly System that has six stations including: automated fastening, automatic Loctite apply using a Fanuc LR Mate robot, a servo driven bearing press system, and Vision Verification using a Cognex Camera.

Our shop floor is in the midst of assembling many pieces of equipment!  We are building a two-lane ACC calibration and Headlamp Aiming system utilizing vehicle centralizers.

We are also assembling Primary and Back-Up Robotic Engine & Transmission VIN Marking Systems using Fanuc 6-Axis Robots and Keyence Vision to guide robots and inspect and verify VIN mark.