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Winter 2020 Project Updates

Some of our main projects on the shop floor for the first part of this year are a gantry robotic welding cell, robotic antenna lift, and (8) F-22 Horizontal Stabilizer Fixtures.


rpGatta is responsible for the integration of a 20’ x 42’ 5-axis gantry system for robotic welding. It will interface with a 2-axis positioner inside the pit to grind and weld a variety of parts.


rpGatta designed and built eight portable F-22 Horizontal Stabilizer Fixtures for Hill Air Force Base. Each fixture clamps the shaft of an F-22 horizontal stabilizer and allows the operator to press buttons to lift and rotate the stabilizer to assist in the manual paint stripping and applying processes. These fixtures are explosion-proof and rated for a Class II Division I environment. The system utilizes pneumatic spring applied caliper disk brakes that disengage when the buttons are held and automatically brake when the buttons are released. There are pneumatic limit switches strategically positioned such that when the moving clamp mechanism contacts them the brakes will instantly engage to prevent the stabilizer from ever contacting the ground.

rpGatta is integrating a robotic lift that will pick up a 500 lbs antenna and lift it 26’ into the air to place on a pedestal for testing.